Bag 'n' Brag is a free mobile application for social hunters!

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With Bag 'n' Brag you can:
  • Record your White-tailed deer hunts
  • Share photos with friends on social media
  • Compete with friends
  • Use hashtag #bagnbrag on Facebook and Twitter to see others' scores
  • Track your stats (Pro version)
  • Save bags to your Trophy Case (Pro version)

Just enter basic information about your White-tailed deer hunt, calculate your score, add a photo and start sharing on social media. It's that easy! (You must establish social media accounts independently in order to share the results from this application.)

When you upgrade to the Pro version of Bag 'n' Brag with Toolbox, you can save Brags to your trophy case, get access to other handy hunting tools like deer calls, and keep track of your stats. This feature is coming soon!

Bag 'n' Brag (TM) is a product of Rural System, Inc. Bag 'n' Brag was developed by Vision Point Systems and published by Handshake Media, Incorporated. The concept originated with Rural System founder Robert H. Giles, Jr. The functionality, original graphics and user experience of Bag 'n' Brag were designed by Risa Pesapane.

For news of updates for Bag 'n' Brag, subsequent versions, or for other mobile apps and projects, please follow us @bagnbrag on Twitter and on Facebook. Rural System founder, Robert H. Giles, Jr., Ph.D. blogs about the future of rural business at